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Benefits of Soft Water
Why Treat Water?
The hard water dilemma
One of the most common and costly water problems is hardness. As water seeps
through the surface of the earth it dissolves limestone and picks up calcium and
magnesium. The results of hard water can be seen many ways around your home.

When hard water is used in the home it interferes with virtually every water using task -
including bathing, personal grooming, dish washing and laundering.

Household cleaning is a difficult job with hard water. Hard water scum makes clothes
look gray and unclean. Soaps used with hard water leave a film of sticky soap curd on
the skin. Soap curd on the hair makes it dull, lifeless and difficult to manage.

Hard water is a significant problem. A growing population, urbanization, and pollution
have made it essential that we use the best technology available in processing water for
our use.

Fortunately, in our modern world, it is not necessary to suffer the hard water dilemma.
With the proper water softening system, you can begin enjoying the benefits of quality
water, the way nature intended it to be. The way you deserve it!

The Perfect Solution

A Rayne state-of-the-art water conditioner eliminates hard water
problems. It removes calcium & magnesium from your hard water
supply by exchanging it through a softening resin media bed. The
control for the system is designed and engineered to give you reliable
operation and conserve the water and salt required in the
regeneration process. Conditioned water will make a refreshing
difference in your life and save you money now and in the years ahead.

A Rayne Water Softener System

At Rayne of San Joaquin dba Big Valley Pure Water, we offer over 40
residential water softeners/conditioners. An in-home water analysis
and plumbing scope will determine which system would be best for
your hard water.

What Makes Us Different?
There are over 300 manufacturers of water treatment systems.  
Softeners can be purchased through major retailers, national dealers,
local contractors, internet clearing houses, plumbers, and
inexperienced water stores.  A basic softener is then pulled out of a
box and put into service, many times without considering the incoming
water quality problems.

We at Rayne offer custom built softener systems and specialize in
problem well water treatment.  Many of the municipalities we service in
the Central Valley have both hard water and heavily chlorinated water,
causing multiple problems.  

Proper Testing = Proper Recommendation:  We conduct a field water
test right at your home and then factor the plumbing layout with
household occupancy to determine what type & size system is ideal for
your application.

Down the Road Service:  Rayne control valves are manufactured by
Pentair Water Treatment meaning replacement parts are always
available whether through us or any plumber, keeping costs down vs.
other expensive national dealers.

Durability:  Limited Lifetime Warranty - Rayne branded systems are built
to last and have a lifetime warranty on mineral tanks, brine tanks, valve
body, & resin.  Please ask for a copy of the Rayne Warranty when we
conduct your in-home estimate.
Exciting News!
Our Rayne Guardian and
Guardian Elite models
include "Filtrex" carbon
to treat municipal chlorine
and hard water all in one
tank, saving you the
hassle of replacement
cartridges like a Culligan
or Kinetico system.
Rayne's Exclusive
Softener Controller

Rayne's Exclusive 5600 &
5066 controllers
are featured on the RXD,
Guardian,  and RXE Series Water
Solid State Computer Controlled
with L.E.D. Display
Step by Step User Friendly
Internals Teflon Coated
U.V. Protected, Heavy duty
non-corrosive Noryl Valve
Budget Systems
save money in these
tought times and the
Clack WS 1 or 1.25
valves made by
Clack Corporation
can help you save
money on a system.  
Its ease in servicing
earned the WS Basic
Valve Version a
#1 Rating by
"Do It Yourself"

6 Cycle state-of- the- art
valve offers up to 34 gallons
per minute continuous soft
water flow rates - plenty big
for filling up tubs and for
large households!

Standard 5 year warranty on
tnakks, valve body, & resin
media with these models.
Removable BY-PASS
1" Connections as shown
U.V. Protected Heavy Duty
non-corrosive Noryl Bypass

Size Matters
Residential plumbing off
the water main or water
softener loop typically
varies from 3/4" - 1 1/4" and
sometimes larger.  
recommend our customers
follow plumbing code
requirements and maintain
pipe size from the main
thru their softening system
to treat all fixtures without
experiencing a significant
loss of water pressure.
We offer over 35
residential water
softener systems
to eliminate hard water
RXD 1500D - 1" valve
13 GPM certified flow rate
1.5 cubic feet total capacity
Infiniti 1500/2000/3000 - 1" valve
Enjoy soft water 24 hours a day
with this system!
RF Series - 3/4" & 1"
11 GPM flow rate
1 cubic & 1.5 cubic foot
capacity available
Rayne Executive -
1" or 1 1/4" valve
alt Free Whole
House Conditioning
  • Plumbing Lasts 50% Longer
  • More Efficient Cleaning
  • Whiter, Brighter Clothes
  • Flavorful Foods & Beverages
  • Clothes Last 35% Longer
  • Saves Up To 70% On Soaps
  • Protects Water Using Appliances
  • Easier Dish Washing
  • Smooth, Silky Skin
  • Shiny, Manageable Hair
Our Most Popular Softeners and Whole House Conditioners
Whole House Softeners and Conditioners
Since 1928
All Rayne Water Softeners are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Durability you expect from a name you can trust